Tuesday, 23 May 2017

Jeans & Me Made May - Jalie 2908

 I traced off what I thought would be my size - blending between sizes... and this is the least dreadful photo of a very very tight pair of toile shorts.....

I then traced off a larger size (with no reduction for the waist despite my measurements being 2 sizes smaller at the waist than at my hips)

I sewed it up...

even installed rivets

I amended the pocket piece to fold in half AND I french seamed the bottom

Since I did not reduce the size at the waist .. and I have a sway back.. I am going to need to add elastic at the back to hold the waistband close to me! I have amended the yoke pattern piece for the next pair.

I also amended the waistband - drafting a curved waistband instead (NOT on the bias).. as the bias one in the toile was dreadful!

 Unfortunately my friend who helped me to hem them... hemmed them too short....rather annoying! BUT these are totally wearable jeans and I am thrilled with them.

Part the way through Me Made May I decided I did not need to record when I wore Me Made as I do that every day... I needed to note when I didn't  wear Me Made and what was I wearing then? JEANS.... definitely jeans..... so I challenged myself to make a pair before the end of May....Horray - DONE

and the next pair with the yoke mode is being cut out tonight.


Some quick fleece hats

and some quick fleece mittens using this pattern as recommended by So Zo. I used thin fleece to line the mittens and thick fleece for the shell. 

 I also used the too-short sleeve from the dressing gown / robe that I made my eldest....enough for a shell of a pair of mittens!
 I used ribbing for the cuffs.

My sewing machine needed TLC and an clean after all of that fleece!!

The pattern only cost £6.01 and since I have already made 7 pairs it has already more than paid for itself!

Sunday, 7 May 2017

Making a 7 year old happy ... the best way to spend sewing time?

I first used this wonderful Butterick pattern B6072 to make a backpack in October last year, the moment I finished it my youngest asked for one of his own. I found the perfect fabric and bought it, then left it in the stash while I did other things....

Finally it was time to make it.

I made similar adjustments to last time.

I sewed on a badge from his favourite surfing shop

I added adjustable straps using fabric, padding, webbing and ladder lock clips.

I used the last scrap of waterproof fabric from the stash to make a waterproof lining (so he can use it for swim kit)

 I made one of the side pockets gathered with gathering at the bottom and elastic at the top so that a water bottle can be put into it (for Hockey and Football)

I had to use clips to hold all of the layers together! Pelmet vilene used to stiffen the front and back (I prefer fusible volume fleece but did not have any left in the stash!)

Put in a magnetic closure for the front pocket not a velcro one (velcro just attracts grass and sand and then stops working)

 Stands by itself
 Added a swivel clip for bike lock keys
 Created a double ended zipper
 pocket on the inside (as per the pattern)


Get a open ended zipper (x2) cut off the ends - thread the zipper pull from one onto the other.

Sew both ends shut

Add a fabric "stop" to the ends
 Insert into the backpack gusset in the normal way

And done! It took less than a day to do - cut out one evening & most construction - final construction the next morning... as usual... why did I leave it so long to do?

Friday, 5 May 2017

Sewaholic Gabriola

I have used this pattern twice before and had always planned to make more of them.. finally I have - using fabric which has been maturing in the stash.....

Tuesday, 2 May 2017

Progress a 1/4 of the way into the year...

Make Nine Me:

1. Jeans
2. Gabriola - peacock - completed April 2017
3. Gabriola - birds
4. Racerback bra
5. Coat
6. Shorts from Christmas kit
7. T-shirts
8 Activewear - steeplechase
9 Dress

Make Nine - menfolk:

1. Shirt for H
2 Birthday Tee for J - complete May 2017 - Dressing gown instead!
3 Birthday Tee for O
4 Birthday Tee for L (complete)
5 Backpack for O
6 Cycling shirt for O (complete March 2017)
7 Trousers for J x2 - 1 pair done March 2017

8 Smart Shirt for L
9 Fleece for L - (complete APril 2017)

That's a years sewing...

18 items
6 already done....

I am on track!

Simplicity 1562 - dressing gown / Bath robe

The Simplicity 1562 pattern in ONE envelope contains a pattern for children's size XS - L , and adult XS - XL. So you can sew a dressing gown for everyone in the family  using just one pattern.

Now I know that yellow is not a particularly sensible / practical choice for a dressing gown.... but it is his favourite colour and a special request....& for his birthday

I made the size CHILD medium BUT with large  pockets, belt and 6" added to the length of the sleeve. The belt loops and pockets had to be moved down 2 1/2". I sewed it in fleece and did not interface the collar but I DID interface the pockets to stablise them and stop them stretching out of shape while being sewn.

It is a relatively quick make, I blind hemmed the facing down (as suggested by a review on Pattern Review) as this stops it flapping about and being annoying!

He loves it - the length is perfect... a total WIN.

Sunday, 30 April 2017

Me Made

So excited for another round of Me-Made-May! Can't believe it's already in its 8th year. Thank you for hosting it again Zoe!

'I, sign up as a participant of Me-Made-May '17. I endeavour to wear a me-made outfit each day for the duration of May 2017, and also to note when one of my children chose to wear something I made them"'

I would also like to make myself a pair of Jeans during May.......